I was on holiday inThailand when the tragedy happened
So many people died that day,and lost their homes and income

Im memory Of All Those People Who Lost Their Lives In The Tsunami Disaster...26.12.2004


As I walked along the beach
with flour like sand beneath my feet
The sea so calm bright and blue
The sky also too

Friendly people having peace and joy
Men women girls and boys
chilling out!! relaxing in the sun
or eating,drinking... just having fun

Palm trees blowing in the gentle breeze
it is heaven...you really should see
Phi Phi island is where i sat
looking out at this and that

It was all calm and serene
when there was a loud scream
the calm sea turned so rough and strong
how could this be ,it was so wrong
The sea has risen, it was a giant wave
and sent innocent people to their grave
the overwhelming distruction the tsuanmi brought
it has left us all so distrought

thousands of lives taken by the sea
this is a disaster,was not meant to be
enjoy life with your heart and your soul
As you never know when its your turn to go
This has effected the whole nation
so please remember the lives that have been taken
(c) A.Hales