Stuck In The Computer

I had a dream last night,and i could clearly see
I have been swallowed up and gone into the PC
I do love my computer and i often give it a hug
The only thing i can think is, i have been eaten by a bug

Alf said he could see me from my head down to my waist
I think i know whats happened,i have been coppied and paste
So i had a wonder round and went into the registry
and all this rotten spyware was staring back at me

I am running from file to file!!Oh my aching feet
If only someone would hit the button CTRL ALT DELETE
I went into WORD now i must leave a note
someone must see it,i can only pray and hope

it really is amazing all the stuff you find in there
but i would much rather be out and sitting in my chair
I will go to windows update i wonder if they know
surely they must detect me and start to download

I will send an Email off to my good friend Pat
and she can phone Alf and hope he gets me back
The next time the computer is switched on i must give a shout
Can you hear me out there!! please press ENTER and let me out

(c) R.Rolls