At times i feel so lonely, dont ask me why
I feel a bit woeful and all i do is cry
Why is my life so dull and glum
I must shake it off and have some fun

I look out the window, and glance down the road
And go into a dreamlike state, while i write this ode
I carry a heavy burden, caring for my dad
I think this is my problem,its why i feel so sad

Freedom is a wonderful thing,so cherrish it while you can
I am going to do some painting, any way thats the plan
The clouds are slowely lifting, they are going away
But they will be back tomorrow, the start of another day

I really do feel tired, my life is not my own
I dont feel so bad now ,that i have had my moan
Putting pen to paper, or on here ..the internet
I know i am not alone, nice people i have met
So i think i will click on MSN, and see who is about
Have a chat and i hope a laugh, i promise i will not shout

(c) R.Rolls