Merry Christmas...To All My Internet Friends......hugs Rita

Merry Christmas

Its time to decorate the christmas tree
which gives a lot of satisfaction to me

Christmas gifts to go shopping for
each year it seems to cost more and more

The shops are busy, the tills are ringing
The children knock to do their singing

We all take pleasure in giving some joy
To remember the birth of a little boy

Turkey dinner ,we will eat today
but please make time to sit and pray

so just remember to pick up the phone
and spare a thought to those on their own

I think we have got lost along the way
The meaning of this very special day

This really can be a sad time you see
with no one to share it with and give some glee

This is a true story,and its not just a fable
Its the birth of Christ,who was born in a stable

(c) R.Rolls

go visit santa and his elves
they are very busy making all the toys
and you can email him your christmas wish list
! only if you have been good girls and boys !


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