Residential Care

Putting my dad into residential care
its been stressful a complete nightmare
looking for a home i reallly had a fright
with all the searching to find one that was right

I had sleepless nights i was a mess
to find the one that was the best
he needs special care now , much more than i can give
and hope he will be comfortable for as long as he will live
you start the search for dementia care
and when you look there is no where

we are all full up is the cry
so you ask the question ! why!
there are not enough places for these people to go
why this should be ,i just dont know

homes get closed down by the government
there are not enough funds to be sent
to keep these places open for us
why they make such a fuss

no one knows what the future has in store
new homes need to be built more and more
but alas this is not being done
and being a carer is not a lot of fun
so Tony Blaire i want you to be told
one day soon you are going to get old
I am proud to be British and happy to be free
but i wish i was a doggy and Tony Blaire was a tree

(c) R.Rolls

This Midi music is used with permission
From (c) Margi Harell.if you want to use her music
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Margi Harrell

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