Computer Protection

We need all the help that we can get
while we are surfing on the internet
a lot of protection , we need more and more
for the Trojans that sneak through the back door

and worms...yes thats right..i beg your pardon
would be better off staying in the garden
with spiders, bots, and viruses to invade us
they just want to cause us so much fuss

but the thing is to be one step ahead
and destroy the little bleeders...dead
with spys trying to snoop on our computers
so give them a blast with a very loud hooter

we must update regular...!!Oh boy
because these pests we must destroy
these people want to to spoil our day
so keep them out...thats what i say

with spam in our email, they think they will win
but i prefer the spam ,,you get in a tin
so another program is needed..Oh gosh
because all the junk mail we must wash

If i was in power and i had my way
I would ban these people from today
we must make a stand ...and fight back
and all lot...who try to hack
To the fools who make a virus, that destroys like a knife
All i have to say need to get yourself a life

(c) R.Rolls