We met at the hospital... we was both in the waiting room
and we was waiting to see the same consultant we got
chatting like women do.We both had rheumatoid arthritis
we said about where we lived and Pat said ...pop in for a cuppa
as i lived near her, so we took each others telephone numbers
Pat had been telling me that her husband was at home and he had
a rare form of arthritis.Any way Pat telephoned me and we arranged
to meet,so i went round to her house on Tuesday morning
Her husband Bill was there, we never stopped chatting all of that
morning.She had Kipper the dog and Korkie the cat
As we got talking i found out that she was an artist and she had
several paintings on her wall.Her husband Bill made model boats
They had a lovely cottage and in the garden was the communial
air raid shelter for the village,that was built during the 2nd world war

it became a regular thing to see them on Tuesday mornings and as the
time went by we got to know each other quite well
I went round there one morning and they was watching an art program
I said how i loved to watch these programs and wished i could paint.
Pat said ...have you ever tried to paint...LOL i said ..you must be joking
i cant draw...i would love to able to paint.So Pat goes to the cupboard
and sorts out paint brush and paints,...here you are she said give it a try
I did laugh, but i went home and found a gardening magazine that i had
been looking at.So there i was sitting at my table trying to paint a flower
It didnt look to bad,but i wouldnt have showed it to any one.
So i was hooked... and that weekend i went out with my husband
and brought all the paints, paper,etc.I must admit it was very relaxing
and i did enjoy doing it, although the flowers were a bit stiff looking.

But with plenty of practice i was able to produce a decent looking flower
The following Tuesday i took my picture round to show Pat and Bill
Pat showed me lots of tips, so then she suggested i go to art classes
her friend ran an art class .I had just got home from visiting Pat when the phone
rang...It was pat...she said i have just booked you into the art class for next week.
omg ..panic set in...She came with me the first time, i was
panic stricken.lol..but it was ok, a friendly class, so i went every week
to that. Pat and Bill didnt go out much because of his illness ,he couldnt walk
very far , my husband had a weeks holiday to take so we decided we
would all go to Broadstairs for the day. So on the morning we went round
to pick Pat and Bill up, her neighbours were out side to wave them off
We had a lovely day...it was very hot...we had fish and chips on the beach
and me and pat went for a paddle.
We left Alf and Bill on the beach while we looked round Bleek House...the
home of Charles Dickens, it was a very pleasent day and i know they both
enjoyed it.
Pats son gave her a computer which she had in her bedroom, so
while Bill would be watching his progams Pat would go up stairs
on the computer...and after a few weeks she got connected to the
internet... she will kill me for saying this but the computer has
become her addiction...lol...but as things turned out it was the best
thing that she could have got.

Sadly Bill died three years ago i feel a bit choked as i am writting this
he was such a nice man, a true gentleman.

Well Pat has had a struggle to get through it all, but she is doing
quite well.and the internet has been a god send to her, she has made
so many friends around the world.
Its due to Pat that i got the computer and we chat regular at night
even though we still see one another on a Tuesday, Alf (my husband)
says what do you pair find to talk about...

She has now moved in to a flat and has made a lovely home there