Jasons Bedroom

I walk in your room and i want to scream,
Why dont you keep your bedromm clean
There must be an answer to be found
All this clutter left laying around
I am not going to put up with this any more
beer bottles and crisp packets left on the floor
My anger is now begining to show
and off to the tip it will all go
With shoes and your clothes just laying about
I am not washing no more...do you hear me shout
So now you have got the choice
and i have aired my angry voice
If its not cleared up...i want you to know,
I will bag it and bin it in one swift throw
I bleach and pine ..every day
I try to please in every way
I hope you will take heed of this
i want it cleaned, thats my wish
its not a lot that i ask of you
please clean it up... i beg of you
Its not so hard to keep this room clean
You know i like things to sparkle and gleam
I am putting this ode on the internet
So now you have got fame
its not the fame you wanted
So hang your head in shame
So Jason...by next week i hope to see
A tidy bedroom ..just for me.


(c) R.Rolls