The Menopause

The menopause is driving me nuts, this is my third year
and each year i think i hope this is the last year.
I can not go on HRT because of breast cancer in the family
I have tried so many herbal remedies, i just give up now.
I have fans in every room, and i carry small fan in my hand bag
I have not been in bed for the last three years, i just lay on the top
of the bed, with the fan blowing full blast.
The hot flushes are driving me mad,you just never know
when they are going to happen.
When i talk to other women and they tell me they sailed through
it with no problems, i feel really jealous.
The nights seem to be the worse,i just get drenched in sweat
I then get up , have to put on another nightdress
and usually end up sitting in my garden in the early hours
of the morning, just to get cool
i love going shopping in the supermarket because they
have big tall freezers...bliss to just stand in front of them
My husband says what you looking in there for
then he
laughs because he knows what i am doing.
So i really do hope this is going to be my last year.

Hot Flush

Another hot flush, I dont know what to do
how on earth can I keep myself cool
there must be an answer someone can send
because its driving me round the bend
I have tried all the natural herbal stuff
but as yet not walked round in the buff
I have been like this for the last three years
and it has almost brought me near to tears
sweat drips in my eyes, I can not see
phew is it hot in here......or is it me
when I go shopping I feel such a fool
where can I go to get myself cool
so i put my head in the freezer,to cool me down
its quite a good remedy,....this i have found
and at night when i go to bed it is worse
these hot sweats they are such a curse
I lay on the bed , covers on the floor
I can feel the heat in every pore
I put the fan on ..switch to full flow
what am i to do.. i just dont know
Oh and God knew what he was doing,,yes he did
when he made the woman from Adams rib
he did not design us women very well
but then God was a man....,you can tell
so i suppose we will just have to plod along
until the day the hot flush has gone

(c) R.Rolls


While a woman is still menstruating, the presence of
oestrogen in her body allows her to fully utilise other
hormones such as calcitonin and parathyroid and
vitimins such as vitimin D, all of which influence bone health
parathyroid hormone and calcitonin both keep the amount
of calcium in the body at a constant level.Insufficient
oestrogen during and after the menopause means
calcium is lost from the body,making bones weaker
and prone to brittleness.


Oestrogen is responsible for control of body temperature
without it our thermostat" fails" and we sweat profusely
at normal temperatures.For two thirds of all women
hot flushes and night sweats start well beforetheir last
period.They tend to become worse in frequency and
duration at the time of menopause and coninue ot occur
with occasional trouble free months for about five years
When you first begin to experience hot flushes they are ,
usually infrequent and on the face and neck only.
once they start, they tend to get worse before they
get better.The onset of hot flushes may correspond with
the increase in the level of the pituitary hormone
luteinizing hormone(LH), significant changes
in levels of LH secretion are common as the menopause
approaches and appear to be a response to the shrinking
of the ovaries and decreased oestrogen secretions


Oestrogen receptors control function in the part of
the brain,the hippocampus,responsible for memory
and this may explain why some women experience
forgetfulness and memory loss before other symptoms
of the menopause.
Oestrogen controls cognitive functions such as conceptual
thinking and perceptions,and qualities like having a flexible
attitude to change.During the menopause
these functions and qualities may become impaired.
Low oestrogen levels affect our ability to learn new facts and
skills and our ability to recall recently read material.
Oestrogen also has a wide ranging role in combating anxiety,
tension and depression, which may explain why anxiety is a
dominent symptom of the menopause.

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