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Fairy Dust

Hey there little fairy, are you having fun
oh what a sad face , why are you so glum
I picked her up and put her on my hand
she said she comes from fairyland

and i could see she had a tear in her eye
and she said this is the reason why
we have run out of fairy dust
we have to use it ,its a must

the magic plants i must seek
to get them back by the end of the week
I said, do you know the plant you need
she said oh yes i do, it is a weed,

look she said pointing to weeds in my grass
I have found the magic plant at last
But i am only tiny, much smaller than a gnome
and i am in a dilemma of how to get it home

I will help you i said, on this sunny day
all you have to do is to show me the way
I finally got to the forest, and had to stop for a rest
The fairy was so happy, she said ..you are the best

I was getting very excited, she was showing me the way
until she said you can stop now, we are in the land of fae
I placed her gently on the ground
and she made a sort of calling sound

I blinked my eyes and i could see
The tiny fairies gathered round me
they started to dance ,all in a ring
and then they all began to sing

Oh this is such a happy day
we are back in business in the land of fae
to do our good work without any fuss
now we can use the fairy dust


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This Midi music is used with permission
From (c)Margi Harell.if you want to use her music
please visit her website for permission
CDs are available from Margi Harrell.
Margi Harrell