Kitchen Cures

What is it good for: healing wounds and boosting your body system
so that it can fight against infections.
Why It Works: It contains powerful, natural antibiotics derived
from the mankua bush, native to new Zealand
Research shows they,re effective against bacteria,
even super-bugs such as MRSA.The strength is shown
by the unique Mankua factor rating-only mankua honey
with a minimum UMF rating of ten is active:: Dont use
any honey without a UMF rating on wounds and avoid it if
you have diabetes, except under medical advice.
Where to get it: from health shops...
A typical dose is up to four teaspoons, two to four times a day
Medihoney R Wound gel treats glazes and burns,
It is on sale at chemists.

What is it for: Nausea, digestion and arthritic pain
Why it works: The secret is gingerols. an ingrediant that
gives ginger its characterisitc taste, and which has similar
structure to Aspirin. So it has Analgesic, antihistamine,
anti-inflamatory and anti-sickness properties.
Drink ginger tea, eat ginger biscuits, chew crystalised ginger
and ginger gum or take it in tablet form.
Or take 1g to 2 g of fresh powdered ginger every four hours
as needed.
Where to get it:from a chemist.

Whats it good for: menopausal night sweats.
Why it works: sage leaves contain a variety of essential oils
and their astringent properties inhibit perspiration and generally
dry up secretions. Drink sage leaf tea, use it in stuffing..
or buy in capsule form.
Use 4-6g of fresh sage leaves per day.
Where to get it: Grow sage in the garden, buy it fresh
from supermarkets or as capsules.

Whats it good for: Cold sores and stress.
Why it works:Packed with a variety of aromatic essential oils,
it has anti-viral and sedative powers. Apply Lemon Balm
extracts two to four times a day to heal cold sores and
reduce eruptions.Squeeze the juice from leaves onto
cold sores at the first sign of irritation. Use fresh or dried
leaves to make a soothing tea.Take it in tablet form to ease stress
It is known as the scholars herb.
Where to get it:Buy tablets,from health shops or as a,
cream from herbalists.

Whats it good for:The liver;water retention.
Why it works: Leasf and the root extracts stimulate
the liver and can improve digestion. The leaves are rich
in potassium, which help flush out sodium and fluid
and can be powerful diuretic.
Where to get it: let it grow wild in the garden.
Use the young leaves and wash thoroughly-add to salads
or drink as a tea.

Whats it good for: tummy ache and trapped wind.
why it works: used in gripe water, Fennel seeds contain
essential oils that stimulate the gut and reduce spasms.
grind up three teaspoons of dreid Fennel seeds, add to
boiling water, infuse for ten minutes and drink to
relieve flatulance.
Where to get it: Buy the dries seeds from health shops.

Whats it good for:Lifting moods, helping memory, sore throats
Why it works:It is good for increasing blood circulation,
which may in turn help boost your memory.
Its smell can evoke powerful emotional responses and trigger
memories. leaves from flowering bushes are the most potent.
Combine Rosemary with Sage to make a gargle,for sore throats
Where to get it: grow it or buy it fresh from supermarkets. roseamary essential oils.

Whats it good for: Sedative and calming, it induces sleep
Why it works: One of nine sacred herbs in Anglo-Saxon times
chamomile flowers contain flavanoids(a type of antioxidant)
that have hypnotic effects. in one trial, camomile extracts were
used to induse a deep sleep.
Where to get it: grow your own or buy fresh and make
camomile tea by infusing 3g of flower heads in 150ml of water
Or buy tea bags, take befor bed for a good nights sleep

Whats it good for: treating volds and flu.
Why it works: Elderberry juice has powerful anti-viral
substances, which have been proved to reduce the
severity and duration of colds and flu infections.
it is so powerful it will fight even the most virulant strains
Where to get it: buy or make jam or wine, buy elderberry
extracts from health shops.

Whats it good for: Minor injuries, bites and general aches
and pains in joints.
Why it works:Freshly washed cabbage leaves are known
as the poor mans poultice: they contain anti-inflamatory
phytochemicals and sulphur compounds that are
absorbed through the skin and help reduce swelling.
Simply wash the leaves and cool them in the fridge,
Then apply to aching joints, minor woulds,insect bites or sprains

Whats it good for:Fighting bad breath, especially after
eating onions or and garlic, also good for relieving fluid retention
Why it works: The essential oils in parsley neutralise unpleasant
sulphurous odours from the mouth and intestinal tract.
For the best effect, chew at leastone sprig of fresh Parsley
It is an excellent source of iron
Where to get it: grow in the garden or buy at supermarket.


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