Keith and Pam

I have dedicated this poem to Keith and Pam
they are both volunteers at the Alzheimers rest a while room

This is for my friends...Keith and Pam,
They give their help, when ever they can
To know these people, i am so glad
They have given so much help to me and my dad,

With all our problems and all or fears
And yes..we have shed one or two tears
Pam makes the tea, and helps with the dinner
She is one special lady, a real true winner

Keith drives around in his car
picks us up no matter how far
They work hard they are the best
And really deserve a good long rest

What would we do without this pair
For all there help and loving care
Angels come in all forms and shapes
They are angels ...make no mistake

They met doing voluntary work, a call from up above
How nice it is to see two people meet and fall in love
They recently got married, i am pleased to say
And hope they will be happy, each and every day.
I wish you both happiness, your love you can share
And thankyou Keith and Pam for all your loving care