The Internet Fairy

I am a little fairy, i have just flown in to say
I hope you have a peaceful.and a magical day
I am a working fairy,and my job is a must...

I fly around the internet to sprinkle some fairy dust
so if i fly in to your delightful home,and enjoyed what i have seen
I will spray some magic all around to let you know i have been
I love to meet other fairies,as i go along my way
so we can all get together,in the land of FAE

I grant three wishes to one and all
what ever your size..small or tall
so if you are troubled, I will know when i land
and try to help you out..give you a helping hand

I have my magic fairy prayer,that i will say for you
So big hugs to the little folk,and god bless to you to
I hope i will bring a smile to you so dont have a sad face
I really have left magic, its sprinkled in cyber space

well i must fly off, i have lots to do, i have done my job here
and hope I have left you with a smile,and sprinkled you with cheer

(c) R.Rolls

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