Olive is the lady who organises every thing at
the Alzheimers rest awhile room..she had caterers
in for our christmas lunch,we have tea dances
outings, its wonderful to see everyone enjoy it
So Olive this poem is for you with love

For Olive

This is for Olive she has a heart of gold
and this is the story to be told
Olive dear this is just for you
for all the hard work,that you do

you organise this place for us
we never hear you make a fuss
you really are an angel you know
and so we just wanted to show

how much we all think of you
for all the lovely things you do
our christmas lunch it was the tops
you are always kept on the hop

you do it all with so much ease
and you try your hardest just to please
so Olive you are the number one
to make us laugh and have some fun

music and dancing and lots more
happy faces on the dance floor
you are a lovely lady we have gotten to know
you can never leave... you can never go

we know this is not just done by you
we thank all the volunteers here too
so bless you dear its all worth while
to see all the faces here with a smile

you give so much pleasure to every one here
so we will all shout and give you a cheer

(c) R.Rolls


This Midi music is used with permission
From (c) Margi Harell.if you want to use her music
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Margi Harrell

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