The Grandchild

I was having a bad day feeling distraught
When out of the blue good news was brought
Hello mum you had better sit down
I have news to tell you are going to be a nan

The months went by very fast
The day of the birth was here at last
When the phone rang,,,it's a boy
I was so excited and full of joy
All my troubles seem very slim
When he is in my arms and I cuddle up to him
I have to pinch my self to know its real
This little child is so ideal
I look at him and feel in awe


And cant wait for the day when I have some more
I pray to god for him to have good health
And hope he prospers and has wealth
This little child,so perfect is he
He means the whole world to me
(c) R.Rolls



It Looks like i have another poet in the family
my grandson Sam who is 7 years old, wrote this poem
Well done sam, nanny is proud of you


Hold your breath, then say your prayers
The next day you will eat some pairs
If you are thirsty have a drink of water
The next day you will see your daughter

Words By Sam


This poem was written by helen Clark
who has given her permission to put it on my site

Thankyou Helen

The pain was not excruciating
Merely quite severe
but despite it all, quite suddenly
I was grinning !!ear to ear

for as i saw the tiny face
The tiny hands and feet
There was our first baby
So perfect and complete

For nine months long,she had been called ! it
Or foetus, or just babe
But now she was a person
That my love and i had made

We would need to love and cherish her
provide for all her needs
But at present all it seems to be
was nappies..bibs..and feeds

But as i walked her in her pram
my face aglow with pleasure
I know now why most people
Class a baby as a treasure

(c) Helen Clark