Yes as we get older we do want a bit fun in our lives
I helped my friend Pat decorate her living room,
It was hard work but between us we got it all done
and if i do say so myself looks great...
We had a lot of laughter doing it ..we did have to sit down quite a lot
We both had a good supply of pain killers ..LOL as we both
have arthritis, but we kept going until it was finished.
We go up the town for a bit of retail therapy,(It always works)
mind you... Pat always says...i dont really need anything...
Then she shops for England..LOL.. and says she always buys
more things when she is with i dont know why..
We Have had some good days out on trips, some long coach journeys though
I see Pat every Tuesday, we have a good natter
and catch up on all the gossip.
We both share the love of our computers, and always
chat on line.
Its is good to have friends.