Getting Old

Its not much when fun when you get old
Your teeth falls out and you go bald
You can only walk with a walking stick
Oh my painful arthritic hip

My knees are stiff when i get out of the chair
I look in the mirror!! Oh where is my hair
When i was young my days were fun
but now i am old, i long for the sun

The winter months seem to last a long time
I will just have a sip from a glass of wine
I would dab on the perfume, it was the best
but now i am old i rub vick in my chest

It used to be varnish i painted on my toes
but now i got bunions that really shows
I could dance and excersize with so much ease
but now i wet myself, if i so much as sneeze

My bones crunch and crack as i try and walk
I cant get the words out when i want to talk
So getting old is no fun at all
i would much rather skip and play ball

Friends there were a plenty, i was never on my own
but now that i am old, I live in a Home


This Midi music is used with permission
From (c) Margi Harell.if you want to use her music
please visit her website for permission
CDs are available from Margi Harrell.

Margi Harrell