Calories In Fruit


3 prunes = 42 calories
Gram for gram, prunes mop up more free radicals
(linked with cancerand heart desease) than any other fruit
Top Antioxide

1 cup: 22 calories
contains a substance called ellagic acid which
destroys cancer causing substances.
The seeds may be an irritant to people with bowel disorders
Cancer Fighting

2 kiwis:59 calories
More concentrated vitimin C than oranges
Also potassium for healthy blood pressure General Health Booster


Half a mango: 46 calories
Best source of beta carotene which boosts
immunity and may protect against cancer,
Also supplies nearly 10 per cent of the RDA of vitimin E
Most Beta Carotene


2 Figs:84 calories,
Hardly any vitimin C but 2 figs provide an
eighth of the RDA of calcium,and they are
the best fibre-providers
Bone Builder


Per cup:60 calories
Red and black grape skins contain resveratrol, which
has an anti-cancer effect, and flavonoids which
protect the heart, but low in vitimin C
Eat The Skins

2 Apricots:25 calories
Orange flesh, but with half the Beta carotene
of cantaloup melon and only a little vitimin C
Dried are easier to eat in bigger quantities and therefore better
Go For Dried


1 Apple:47 calories
A source of heart-protective flavonoids
but low in vitimin Cand other nutrients
The skin provides insoluble fibre to compiment
the soluble kind inside


1 Cup:57 calories
Studies in the US have shown Blueberries
can help counteract the deterioation in the memory
and problem solving ability that occurs as we get older


1 Cup:20 calories
Nearly a fith of the RDA of heart healthy vitimin E per portion
And high in anthocyanins (in Raspberries too)
To Prevent thread veins and bruises
Good For Skin


Per Cup:48 calories
Contain anthocyanins to protect against
thread veins but little vitimin C. The MOrello variety
lowers uric acid levels, reducing gout and arthritis pain
Good For Joints

1 large slice:29 calories
Orange fleshed melons are best as they
are rich in beta carotene, but still not as high
as mangoes and a bit lower in vitimin C and E
Best melon


1 Orange:60 calories
Not the best , but the most accessible vitimin C source
A glass of juice supplies all your daily needs and 20 per cent
of the RDA of folate
Choose Juice

Large glass of juice:183 calories
High sugar and calorie, but rich in antioxidants
and wards off urinary infections .
Choose a brand with 25 per cent cranberries.
For Cystitis


1 Banana:95 calories
High carbohydrate with a tenth of RDA
of magnesium needed for making energy.
Also rich in blood-pressure -lowering potassium
but low in antioxidants.
Energy booster

1 cup:60 calories
Not as healthy as red grapes, as they
dont contain the same resveratol or flavonoids
in their skins.Rich in natural sugars to gently boost your energy