At times when you are feeling in despair
Friends will listen and always be there
When you think you cant go on any more
Friends will be there to open the door

Although your problems wont go away
Friends can help you get through the day
You may be sad and cry a tear
But there is help, have no fear


So when you are unhappy and feeling blue
Tell a friend, they will know what to do
Just be there to listen to you
Know what you need , and give it too
With friends your troubles you can share
Because they understand,because they care

(C) R.Rolls



For Val

We have been friends for many years
Had plenty of laughter and shared tears
A real true friend is hard to find
But my friend Val has always been kind
She has helped me through a difficult time
She tells me it will all turn out fine
Angels come in all forms and shape
Val is one make no mistake

Over the years, I can honestly say
We never had a cross word on any day
If I pick up the phone, and tell her my woes
She understands.. because she knows
Her own problems, she puts to one side
She will always listen while I confide


I don't know how to repay her you see
Because she has been such a good friend to me
I will phone the florist, just to say
Thank you val.. flowers are on there way

(c) R.Rolls


For Val

Val..i just want to say these few words to you

To thank you so much with everything you do

I would never have got through the day these past few years

You have always been there for me, when i shed a few tears

I do pray to God and ask for help with my pain

because at times, i think i might just go insane

Your company i really is a pleasure

You are a kind person,to me you are a treasure

I prayed to God for healing, dear God will you please send

Thats why he gave me you Val, my one true friend

I know with all your help i will soon be on the mend

And i feel i am so lucky to have you as my friend

love Rita
(c) R.Rolls


Best Friends

Best Friends are those you value most
Best friends are always true
best friends are those who make you smile
The way i do to you

A best friend knows your weakness
and helps to make you strong
The friend who helps you make things right
yet tells you when you are wrong

without a really special friend
There is so much in life you would miss
As best friends share the best of times
that any one would wish

Author unknown