Come little fairy take my hand
lead me to your fairy land
lets take this path, walk this way
until we enter the land of Fae

I have seen you before,
She said to me I was sitting on that branch up that tree

I see people go pass my way
Looking for the land of fae

but its a secret place
Only known to a few
But i will take you there
i do trust you

(c) R.Rolls



Fairy Tales

I walked down my garden,and guess what I found
This little fairy , laying on the ground
I picked her up and to my surprise
She stretched her arms and opened her eyes

Her little face, it was so sweet
She had just woken up from her sleep
She said " hello" my name is belle
I am a little sad.. can you tell

I got lost you see , and I am in fear
I just don't know how I got here
I live in the forest, where no one knows
With elves and pixies and garden gnomes

I was flying around to sprinkle fairy dust
When all of a sudden there was this huge gust
The wind picked up and it swirled me around
And I ended up here.. laying on the ground

Now I had to think hard and long
To get her home where she belongs
I will do my best to get you home
To the pixies and elves and garden gnome

So off we went, no time to loose
But which forest should I choose
I picked the one that was as near as can be
With Belle in my pocket, so she could see

Oh look over there, said my little friend
A little bit further, its just round the bend
So here we are home, safe at last
The elves and pixies playing in the grass

Belle was so pleased and started to sing
See over there, that's my fairy ring
I gave a smile I was so relieved
I know fairies are real " I do believe"
(c) R. Rolls



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Graphics By moon and Back

Art Work By
Mary Baxter St. Clair's Index Page of Sets
Fantasy Division

This Midi music is used with permission
From(c)Margi Harell.if you want to use her music
please visit her website for permission
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