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Fairy Dust

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The Old Oak Tree

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Butterfly Lady

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The fairies

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Please dont take my poems, they belong to me
and i am sure my anger you dont want to see
Permission to use my poems i will gladly give
as long as I know where they have gone to live
The letter (c) it means its copyright
they are not there to be taken when ever you like
I surf the web and i travel far
you people who steal... well you know who you are
Its not a nice thing to do, you must agree
because the poems are mine, they belong to me

(C) R. Rolls

Believe in magic and life will be magical.
Believe in miracles and life will be miraculous.
Believe in nothing and life will be empty."

I am glad you fluttered in,The fairies will pleased to see you
they are delicate little creatues,Their magic they will share with you
but you can only see them if !!!you believe!!!
These are all my own fairy poems,i hope you enjoy them
All The poems are copyright (c) R.Rolls

I hope you enjoyed my Fairyland, check out my other poetry


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