Pat and Don

We met on the internet, i was at my lowest ebb,
I would cry myself to sleep,when i went to bed,

I was so very lonely,and did not know where to turn
for the pain i had in my heart,would really start to burn

I went into a chat room,for company i was in need
I got chatting to Don ..he listened and he took heed

I told him all my problems and shed plenty of tears
he spoke to me so gently,to alleviate my fears

we spoke every evening, he cheered me up no end
and as the time went on he has become a real good friend

Its been two years now since Don and i first spoke
he always makes me laugh with a funny joke,

The only problem was ..he lived in the U.S.A
and i live here in England,but things were going ok

Then i decided this year, to visit ..we had to meet
and as the time got nearer i bagan to get cold feet,

but off i went on the plane,a long journey ahead of me
but when the plane landed, i was happy as could be

we hit it off straight away,that first meeting i just knew
and as we hugged ...i knew... he felt the same way to.

a wonderful holiday i did have, Don showed me all around
and i am so happy, at this wonderful friend that i have found

i did not want to leave him and fly all the way back home
but it was not long before we chatted as we spoke on the phone,

where we will go from here,...well i really do not know
but one thing is for sure, our friendship is going to grow



This Midi music is used with permission
From (c) Margi Harell.if you want to use her music
please visit her website for permission
CDs are available from Margi Harrell.

Margi Harrell