The decorating

This room is a mess ,it is in a state
it badley needs painting, i just cant wait

the stripes on the wall makes me feel sick
we better get cracking then ,,double quick

Rita painted the ceiling it was quite high
then a blob of paint fell right in my eye,

splashes of paint on my face and in my hair
phew i got to sit down ,,now where is the chair

Pat is on the ladder , she is cutting in
after this lot we should both be slim

with plenty of pain killers to keep us both going,
but the room is looking better,its really glowing

it was a full days painting we had ahead
we are going to be ready for our bed,

The top coat went on with such ease
And Pat is looking really pleased

It was a good job done, it looks the best
so we can both have a couple of days rest

next on the list , the hall is looking tatty
Rita said we will do it, now come on Pattie

wallpaper was the choice to do out there
and i never got one bit of paint in my hair

Pat did though , she got paint on her foot
we laughed so much the room almost shook

we really work well together .... as a team
and the rooms look great they really gleam,

so thats it now all the jobs are done
i am glad cause i have a pain in my bum

(c) R.Rolls

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