Ancient civilizations used crystals for healing.
They understood how the energies
of crystals amplify healing.
Atlanteans erected huge crystal healing temples.
Their civilization was based on the use
of stored - and directed use - of crystal technology.
The ancient Mayans, Hebrew, Vedic and Native
American cultures used crystals and gemstones
both in spiritual rituals and as aids to physical
healing. Those who practice the ways of
the ancient cultures continue to use crystals as healing tools.
Crystals were used in the earliest shamanic rites
as tools for initiation and healing, for talismans
for prophesy and for meditation.


When using crystals to heal you must understand
the properties of the crystals you are using.

Crystals vibrate to at different rates enabling
them to heal different areas of the body.

Quartz crystals have excellent healing properties.
Quartz also has the ability to transform
an imbalanced energy field. When you feel stressed
the crystal can balance your energies and revitalise you.
Others minerals besides quartz
crystals -display healing properties.
Small quartz crystals left in water will ionize
the water and is a good drink for healing.

You can use crystals yourself to
heal or find a qualified healer.
All healing is about placing the body in balance.
Treatments will vary in length and number
of times required. They may not always work.
Owning a crystal that you carry with you
or keep in the area you spend most of your time
can enhance the healing after you work with the healer.

It's always good to have a few quartz crystals around your
home to balance the energies - before you need the healing.

Healing Properties of

Gemstones and Crystals

Discover the healing properties of gemstones
and crystals. Learn how to use these stones for true changes
to your life using gemstone and crystal therapies.

Gemstone Therapy Overview

Gemstone therapy is an alternative technique for
strengthening the body and resolving issues and
patterns. The theory is that gemstones carry
vibrational rates. By placing these vibrational
rates within the aura - your aura's vibrational
rates also change. Often the effects are indirect
but very potent. Other times, the effects are very
direct and repeatable. The easiest way to do
gemstone therapy is to wear high quality round beads
around the neck. Intention strengthens the process but is not
necessary. Metal inhibits the process. If metal
surrounds the gemstone, its affects are often greatly
reduced (and sometimes eliminated).

To determine which stone to use, I recommend
going to several bead stores and seeing if any stone
attracts you. Verify that the stones are not dyed and ask
if the stones have been treated. String the beads on silk if possible.

Therapeutic Gemstone Properties

only use the highest quality stones. High quality
stones are undyed (if possible), have no chips/fractures,
and are not irradiated (to enhance colour). I recommend using
rounded stones for gemstone therapy.
The properties listed here are for rounded,highest quality
gemstones. Non-rounded stones may have different effects.

Improves self worth.It will give you more
confidence when you wear this stone.

Lift heaviness. Amber is great at lifting the heaviness
of burdens -- allowing happiness to come through.

Spiritual Upliftment. This is also the present carrier
of the purple colour ray. wear a short necklace
of this when you need to communicate effectively.
I place this on your stomach/liver when you have stomach problems.

Communication. wear this stone when there has been
a misunderstanding. It is also helpful for fighting viruses.

Remind one of the ocean of love and mercy. It can help
one understand difficult situations from a love-filled viewpoint.
I either wear an aquamarine stone or gaze into an aquamarine crystal.
I recommend aquamarine or rose quartz for those who are experiencing a lot of grief.

Blue Aventurine:
Circulation. I get very happy when I wear this stone.
I also use this to help clear my congestion.

Green Aventurine:
Physical healing. either place this around your neck
or on the area where healing is needed. This is the stone
I would choose for overall healing support. For major illnesses,
I would use emerald and/or frosted quartz as well. Transparent
Aventurine is extremely powerful - however, it needs washing
daily (dry flat). Immature transparent aventurine will fade.

Cape Amethyst:
Inner alignment. This seems to balance the inner bodies
(emotional, spiritual, etc.) as well as provide more
energy. Use a very small sphere (4-6mm) on acupressure points for
1-5 minutes to clear energy blockages.
For larger spheres (8mm), use less than a minute.
Also good for arthritis - wrap strands of cape amethyst around aching joint.

Balance creativity and mental processes. from allergies
This works best with natural carnelian (bright orange).
However, clear man-made carnelian works as well.
Wash carnelian under water after wearing it. Carnelian is the carrier of the orange ray.

Spiritual protection. This stone will allow you
to work through issues without outside influences. Great when
starting in management or working with large groups of people.

Upliftment. wear this to help align the spine.
either place a strand along the spine or wear it around your neck.
Citrine encourages the yellow ray to support the body.
This stone also helps one process energy work.

Emotional Foundation. Coral protects
and strengthens one's emotional foundation.

Increase personal clarity. profound results with diamond therapy.
(Some diamond therapists are listed under gemstone therapists.)

Physical and emotional healing. This is the strongest
physical healing gemstone that I know. I use it by placing
it on the area which needs healing or wearing it around
your neck. Emerald is the carrier of the green ray.

Green Fluorite:
Hormone Balance. This stone has been helpful with
hormonal changes such as PMS and menopause.

Relaxation. Jade works wonders when placed on
a sore shoulder or back. use it to reduce tension in life.

Emotional Support. use this stone to help the mind and emotions

Leopardskin Jasper:
Bring what one needs. Note that it doesn't necessarily
bring in what you want. However, it is a wonderfully supporting stone.

Mahogany Obsidian:
Decision making. It has been helpful
when you have to decide about something

Bring harmony into one's life.

Grounding stone. Really puts one in their body.
This is extremely strong -- you may wish to try black
onyx for grounding first. It is rumoured that it helps you talk to
other sentient beings (humans and whales and dolphins). I haven't tried this.

Grey Moonstone:
Helps one accept other stone's powers by
cleansing blocks. This can be hard to wear.

Orange Moonstone:
Helps one accept other stone's help by comforting you.
This is less powerful than white -
but helpful when one really needs a certain stone.

White Moonstone:
Helps one accept other stone's help through highlighting
the others effects. I like this moonstone the most.
When worn by itself is balances yin/yang.

Moss Agate:
Get in touch with nature. Plant knowledge.

Mother of Pearl:
Protection; Know mother's love.
This stone is a great protective stone.

Black Obsidian:
Grounding stone. gaze into it for a very short time
(1-5 minutes) each day for 3 days when you need
insight into a problem. use black obsidian when you have been unable
to understand . This is a very strong stone. use it sparingly.

Black Onyx:
Helps one to change bad habits.

Mexican Onyx:
Helps you sleep better.

Black Opal:
See self as Soul. I find this stone is great for
helping one see the possibilities of how one can be
all they can be. This stone seems to strengthen bones too.

See possibilities; discover a broader view.
use opal to see all the possibilities in a situation.
I find it very freeing when I feel blocked in a situation.
Some people find this stone very hard to wear.

Brings the energies from in the aura to the physical body.

Poppy Jasper:
Gain a positive outlook.

Frosted Quartz:
Balance.,,,wear it around your neck. It is wonderfully soothing.

Rose Quartz:
Emotional balance. Very good for expressing and
soothing emotions. Try to find undyed rose quartz.

Emotional support. Helps one take the next step emotionally.

Change. Gives one confidence while making desired changes. Very
supportive. One can make large changes very quickly with this stone.

Love; Open the heart. It will allow you to overcome fear. Carrier of the red ray.

Mental clarity. Clear mental garbage. Carrier of the blue ray.

Protects from external negative energy.

Absorbs garbage from wearer's aura.
It will uplift you and give you more energy.

Changes. Uplifts and opens the heart.

Green Tourmaline:
Promote male balance and physical healing.
I do not recommend this for females (use emerald or aventurine).

Pink Tourmaline:
Promote female balance and protection.

Tree Agate:
Helps one view themselves with more clarity
and see the world through a broader viewpoint.

Balances physical/emotions.
Unknown: Discover the properties of unknown stones
for yourself. Find out what is true for you.
Keep your stone with you as much as possible
for a week. Place it next to your bedside when you sleep
at night; wear it or put it on your desk during the
day. Pay attention to your moods, your interactions
with others, and your dreams. Do you have any
insights? Try asking the question, "What does this
stone do?" before going to sleep. It may help your unconscious/higher
self/your inner guide tell you what the stone does for you.


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