Butterfly lady

Have you ever wondered,where fairies come from
could it be they originate from butterflies,because
If you look very closely at a butterfly and look at their
wings,then they do resemble a fairy,It makes you wonder.
There are a lot of fairy believers out there,and when i was a little
girl, growing up in Dorset England,we had a very large garden
the bottom part of the garden, my dad used to grow vegetables
we had fruit bushes down there as well,I was always attracted to the
bottom of the garden,because there was always a white circle in the ground.
My dad always said it was a fairy ring,so i used to go down the bottom of the
garden every day and hide behind one of the fruit bushes,in hope i would see
a fairy.This belief in fairies has always stayed with me from a young child
Its just a fantasy but i like to think they are real,we all want a dream.
My fairy poems i have written have all been my fantasy...

Fairy Rose made by Holly

I dont know who the artist is of the butterfly lady but
if it belongs to you,please let me know ,so as i can give
credit to the artist.