The Baby Dove

The Baby Dove
I was sitting in the road,and i wanted to cry
It was my mums fault, she was teaching me to fly
but i am only a baby,and i was feeling all alone
when i was picked up, and taken to this home

I was put in the garden daily, my human mum did try
she flapped her arms and ran about,showing me how to fly
i felt quite safe here,living with my new mum
but i didnt like it very much,when she wiped my bum

i knew this had to be done, to keep me nice and clean
until i was old enough,and learnt how to preen
she really did take care of me, with all my daily needs
and then the day arrived when i learnt to peck at seeds

i was taken in the garden,and put upon the tree
this was done daily, i know it was best for me
Then one day she decided,to leave me out all night
i was a bit scared,it did give me a fright

I flapped my wings and i took off, and flew up in the sky
and i knew the next day my human mum ,would have a little cry
(c) R. Rolls



I am a bird flying high
up up high in the sky
when there is a bit of a breeze
we huddle together in the trees

we go to our favorite garden,for our daily food
and we bring along with us ,our family brood
the babies are demanding,and we do our best
they need our soul attention, boy we could do with a rest

its a busy time for us birds, keeping the young ones fed
and we are glad when the day is over,and we can put them to bed,
(c) R. Rolls


The Pigeon

I am a bird that can not fly
a crow has got me in the eye
i am being cared for by my surrigate mum
who feeds me and thinks i am so much fun
she keeps me clean and well fed
then tucks me up when its time for bed
i cant stay here for ever you see
because i am a bird that needs to be free
but at the moment i am safe and sound
away from predators on the ground

(c) J.Hales



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