For Betty

You are having problems, the going is tough
and at times you say..i have had enough
its a difficult time for you to bare
this poem is for you because i care

I know only to well what problems arise
so shed no more tears and dry your eyes
The hard task wish and hope
but i know Betty you will be able to cope

just remember , you are not alone
i am just at the other end of the phone
It wont be easy, i wont pretend it will
my thoughts are with you,warm heart i will fill

We have a good chat at the Friday club
Lets leave Bill and Dad there and nip down the pub
Its a lonely road that we go down
there must be an answer to be found

If i had a magic wand, the deed i would do
is to wave it around ,and make things better for you
The clouds will slowly lift, the sun will shine
and one day it will all turn out fine
I will end my ode now, enough is said
i am a bit tired so i am off to bed

(c) R.Rolls