Beautiful lady

Am i dreaming or is this real
beautiful lady i can see and feel
drifting slowly the wind in her hair
It looks like she is floating on air

Oh beautiful lady dressed all in white,
I can see you clearly, with all my might
am i dreaming I want to know why
I am slowly drifting up to the sky

she beckons me to follow her to a magical place
and as i go towards her, a smile comes on my face
but as i get nearer, i am wondering why
I am being pulled so gently, way up in the sky

will the sun begin to shine
I hear a voice say, it will all be fine
I am not really ready to pursue you my dear
but i will return to you again... another year
so i slowly drift and lay back down
and new strength i have found
(c) R.Rolls.

Space travel java script courtesy of Kurt Grigg.

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